Performance Videos

Waiting for Seven (8 Tens @ Eight 2014)
by Phillip Hall
Directed by Anita Natalie

“To offset all this drama, there’s a marvelous little two-person comedy called “Waiting for Seven,” … while this short is double cast, it’s difficult to imagine anyone more delightful or hilarious that Helene Simkin Jara as Ethel. (Karen Schamberg plays her “straight man,” Mary.) Ethel has been married seven times, all abject disasters, and is now engaged to number eight — who may or may not have absconded with her car and left town. A big crowd-pleaser, “Waiting for Seven” is witty, light and charming, thanks in good measure to Jara.” – Joanne Englehardt, Santa Cruz Sentinel

The Letters (Center Stage, 2011)
By John W. Lowell
Directed by Al Muller

In the name of Homeland Security, “truth” must always be controlled, and when Anna and the Director find themselves on opposite sides of the truth, matters of loyalty and patriotism evolve into struggles of life and death. Welcome to… the Soviet Union.

Brian Spencer and Helene Simkin Jara are featured in this tense drama directed by Al Muller.

Vat Means Rad?” (Santa Cruz Fringe Festival 2013)
Written by Helene Simkin Jara
Produced for the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival by Rick Kuhn.
Solo Mates is ©2013 by Rick Kuhn.