Turn Left at the Gorilla and Go Down the Hall (2020)

The stories in Turn Left at the Gorilla and Go Down the Hall range from humor to tragedy, taking the reader on a ride within the human, and sometimes not-so-human, experience. The journey is so much about isolating the moment and what the author leaves out, allowing the reader to use his or her imagination. There’s an intensity, a flicker in the darkness that may be breathtaking.

Some of these stories have been previously published in literary journals.

True Doll Stories We Remember (2020)

True Doll Stories We Remember is an anthology of stories people have told me about their experiences with dolls. The original idea came to me when I interviewed my Mexican mother-in-law, who used to make clothes for naked Barbies and sell them for five pesos at the flea market in Guadalajara. Hearing her story was very poignant for me.

When I would tell people about it, oftentimes their eyes would go off to one side and they would either look off into the distance or down to the floor, recollecting their own childhood and the dolls they had.

Because I Had To (2014)

Because I Had To is the first collection of my award-winning short stories, poems, monologues and plays. It was an Amazon Kindle bestseller in 2014.

‘Because I Had To is a great read by Ms. Jara. Every story, every poem is a work of art that comes straight from her heart.
Can’t wait for her next book.’
 – Amazon Customer Review

‘Helene Jara’s book Because I Had To is hilariously funny and shockingly delightful … She is truly a wonderful writer. I highly recommend it.’
 – Amazon Customer Review

‘Much of Simkin Jara’s material is autobiographical and bravely revealing,
with tales of childhood, young adulthood and motherhood,
some of which are over-the-top hilarious.’ 
– Amazon Customer Review”